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Letters to Camp Pickett


Letters to Camp Pickett

When Mr. Mendel Greenbaum was conscripted into the U.S. Armed Forces after the outbreak of the Korean War, he sought the Rebbe’s advice and began a correspondence. (1952)
Lubavitcher Rebbe
Letters to Camp Pickett
Disc 117, Program 468

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Jay Vak October 7, 2013

Thank you I really needed to hear that today. I have been living in Eretz Israel for the past 8 months, and I need to go back to my country of origin for a couple years to take care of some things. There is nothing like performing a mitzvah in The Land, and having the sense that it is simply the normal thing to do. Reply

Anonymous August 25, 2013

where can i find the booklet In the video he mentions a booklet about faith and courage, where can I find this booklet? Reply

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