Friday Tamuz 27 5703
Torah lessons: Chumash: Matot-Massai, Shishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 120-134.
Tanya: One who has (p. 371) ...equals them all. (p. 373).

A brilliant and renowned scholar, exceptionally gifted and remarkably profound in his studies, came to Lyozna and threw himself into the study of Chassidus. With his powerful intellectual propensity he amassed - within a short time - a great and broad knowledge in Chassidus.

At his first yechidus with the Alter Rebbe, he asked: "Rebbe, what do I lack?" The Rebbe replied: "You lack nothing, for you are G‑d-fearing and a scholar. You do need, however, to rid yourself of the chametz - which is awareness of self, and arrogance - and to bring in matza, which is bitul, renunciation of self." An "implement"1 (such as a roasting-spit) may have been used with yeshut, awareness of self; the person imagines himself to be "light." Such pride repels the Shechina (G‑d's presence), for "he and (G‑d) cannot dwell together."2 That implement (or vessel, i.e. person) needs purging through such intense white heat that the "sparks" of the birurim (purification) fly out3 and are absorbed in the true light."4