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Transcripts and recollections of conversations with the Rebbe in yechidut (private audience)

"It is not we that count, we with our weaknesses and capabilities. It is our will to do a job that we realize is important"
Notes from conversations with the Rebbe, 1951
On what is a Rebbe, the purpose in life and science, religion & study.
The Rebbe: American Jewry’s Historical Mission
A journalist’s conversation with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in the mid-1950’s
As world Jewry was recovering from the painful wounds of the holocaust, the Rebbe encouraged American Jewry to become leaders.
The Rebbe: Bring Judaism to the Jews
A journalist’s conversation with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in the mid-1950’s
"When you speak to the youth they do not want the easy way out. Challenges do not scare them."
The Rebbe: We Need to Go on the Offensive
A journalist’s conversation with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in the mid-1950’s
He spoke for an hour and a half without pause. A long monologue about faith... Not about the need for faith, not about the sanctity and value of faith, nor the means of bringing Jews near and far closer to faith, but rather about the faith which already lives in the hearts of all Jews
Some of Life's Tough Questions
A Conversation with Hillel Directors, August 24, 1960
A dialogue about the awe and love of G-d, punishment and reward, Hell and heaven and why it is not mentioned in the Torah.
The Rebbe Speaks to Hillel Students
March 7, 1960
A dialogue about death, the role of women, Israel, Chabad, and the power of a Rebbe, concluded with a dramatic statement about the ability of every individual to perform a miracle.
Jewish Education and the Holocaust
March 4, 1962
A conversation with a group of Young Leadership Cabinet members of the U.J.A.
The Rebbe Speaks to College Students
The Lubavitcher Rebbe answers questions posed by a group of college students on dating and marriage, Jewish identity, religion and ethics, moshiach and the future
Defeating the Nazis through Jewish Education
A Canadian journalist's interview with the Rebbe
We asked the Rebbe to predict the state of Jewish communal life 50 years from now, particularly with regard to balances of observant and non-observant Jews and the state of Jewish education...
Alone with Little Moses
Two Interviews with the Rebbe in the 1950s
Again the buzzer sounded, but the Rebbe indicated that I needn't hurry. I turned to my central question: how could the Rebbe assume responsibility for giving advice to his Hasidim on medical problems or business affairs, especially when he knew that his advice was binding?
Excerpted from a conversation with Hillel Directors, August 27, 1959
We are now in an era when we must approach every individual according to his unique personality.
The Woman’s Role in Teaching Judaism
A private audience with the women leadership of Chabad of Worcester, Massachusetts, June, 1953.
The doctor diagnoses the nature of the illness and prescribes treatment and the nurse is the one who usually administers it.
What Is Judaism?
A discussion with Hillel directors and college students circa 1960
A discussion on Torah and science, free will, G‑d today and how to educate Jews in Judaism.
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