The Rebbe writes: Concerning your decision as a spiritual leader to uproot yourself and move to another community, I want to alert you to the reality that, especially in North America, community leaders impact the lives of their respective congregations so much, that upon their departure, those they impacted wander aimlessly.

This can be compared to a captain of a ship that is found in deep waters. Upon his decision to abandon his position, his conscience tries to reinforce his choice with statements such as: What can I do? I will find a replacement. My soul yearns to study Torah.

It is widely known, recognized and affirmed in our Torah that the captain is the last member to leave the ship. Clearly we know that this commitment charges the captain to pursue every opportunity to remain with his passengers and, when need be, save every last person and safely return them to shore.

This indeed sheds light on the vital responsibility that a spiritual captain has toward his followers. It behooves the leader to be tenacious and perpetuate his impact on those lives that he so closely touched throughout his years of leadership.

Igros Kodesh, Vol. 26, p. 231