What is new about the computer? You walk into a room and you see familiar machines: A typewriter, a tape recorder, a television, and of course a calculator — but none of these are new.

Unseen, however, beneath the floors and behind the walls, are cables connecting all these machines to work together as one. There is a technology that allows them all to speak the same language — thus transforming them from many ordinary machines into a single, powerful computer.

Now, let us take your own life. You pray, you do business, you eat, you talk. Each activity seems irrelevant when compared to the next. It is a hodgepodge of fragments.

And so, too, is the natural psyche of the human being. We have minds that understand one way, hearts that feels another — and, often, what we do has nothing to do with either.

Take the technology of the computer and apply it in terms of your everyday life. Find a common meaning at which all these fragments converge, and thereby unleash their power.

When a person wakes up in the morning and realizes he was created and placed here with a purpose — and that nothing in his life is irrelevant in relation to that purpose — then all the fragments converge into one harmonious whole.

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, p. 55
by Tzvi Freeman