A group of the Rebbe’s shluchim in South America sent the Rebbe a report about a conference they had organized for the end of Cheshvan 5747 (Fall, 1986). The Rebbe responded that although he did not have the time just then to fully read the report, the content had been completely transmitted by him to the Previous Rebbe at the tziyun, the Previous Rebbe’s gravesite.

He explained that in order to make it easier for us to relate to this process, we have been shown by Heaven, specifically in recent times, this obvious example according to which all sorts of people govern even their most important affairs. The computer is comprised of seemingly inanimate objects, and yet as soon as the data is entered, the results are there, including practical directives on how to behave.

If this is true of “inanimate objects,” how much more so is this true — on an infinitely greater and more distinguished level — at the Rebbe’s gravesite, since “righteous people after their passing are even greater than during their lifetimes.”

Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 25, p. 502