The above concepts can be connected to the verse: Tehillim 54:9. According to the custom of reciting the kapitl of Tehillim that corresponds to the years of one’s life (see the letter of the Rebbe Rayatz printed in Kovetz Tehillim and in his Igros Kodesh, Vol. 10, p. 53), on 11 Nissan of the year the maamar was delivered (5715), this kapitl began to be recited. (See the note appended to the Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe Rayatz, Vol. 4, letter no. 1069, p. 429, which states that it is customary for chassidim to recite the Rebbe’s kapitl as well as their own.) “For He has saved me from all straits; my eye has gazed upon [the retribution visited upon] my enemies.” “Sav[ing] me from all straits” is an expression of [G‑d’s] kindness (Chessed). “My eye gaz[ing] upon my enemies” is an expression of [His] might (Gevurah). Thus two opposite thrusts are being brought together. This comes as a result of a revelation that transcends both vectors.

Similarly, the Ultimate Future will be characterized by a transcendent revelation, fusing together the thrusts of revelation from Above and that of upward ascent; [as our Sages quote G‑d as saying]: “I will satisfy both views.” G‑d’s infinite light will rest within the worlds in a settled manner. This is what is meant by “all flesh will see as one that the mouth of G‑d has spoken.” This revelation will take place in the Ultimate Future — may it come speedily in our days — led by Mashiach.