1. The unique significance of the 3rd day of Selichos was explained by the Previous Rebbe (See Sefer Maamarim 5705, p. 223). On that day, he also recited a maamar and asked that it be printed and publicized.

Significantly, the Previous Rebbe did not reveal this concept in the first years of his Nesius in “the upper half of the world.” Rather, it was not until the later years, after moving to America, the “lower half of the earth,” that he did so.1

The abovementioned maamar relates several concepts regarding an increase in Torah and mitzvos and an increase in the involvement with Pnimiyus HaTorah. The particular nature of the increase to be made by each individual is left up to him. It is not so important if the increase he chooses is in fact that intended in the maamar. What is important is that he actually make an increase in Torah and mitzvos. Since the increase is a dimension of Torah, it is surely true and desirable.

Since we are in the month of Elul, a month when we should give tzedakah abundantly, the first increase should be an increase in tzedakah. May this bring about the tzedakah which G‑d must perform, the redemption of the Jewish people — and each individual Jew — from the exile. May we all be written down and sealed2 for a good year, “a year of miracles,” including the ultimate miracles which will be revealed with the Messianic revelation.