1. Friday is the anniversary of man’s creation. Man, אדם, is related to the word אדמה, “resemble,” i.e., “he resembles the One above” as it is written, “He created him in the image of G‑d.”

This is relevant to every Jew. Indeed, man was created alone — as opposed to all other animals who were created in pairs — to show how his creation is relevant to every individual. Thus, through his service, each Jew can reach the level where, “he resembles the One above,” becoming G‑d’s partner in creation.

Since the existence of the heavens and the earth are dependent on the service of the Jews, they receive blessings in both material and spiritual things, including the ultimate blessing, the coming of Mashiach which represents the ultimate level for creation as a whole.

The sixth day of the week is also connected with the sixth of Sivan, the day when the Torah was given. [The Torah is the medium through which] the world can be brought to its ultimate state of completion which will be realized in the Messianic era. May it come now, immediately.