1. {The Rebbe Shlita announced “Good Shabbos, Good Yom Tov.” Afterwards, he said:} What is of primary importance is to begin celebrating. This celebration should start at the beginning of the festival, at sunset.1

This celebration is also connected to the Ushpizan, the unique guests who visit with us during Sukkos, those of the present night being the patriarch, Avraham, and the Baal Shem Tov. Avraham’s service was distinguished by Hachnassas Orchim, hospitality to guests. He passed this quality on to his descendants as the Torah relates: “I know him, that he will command his descendants after him... to perform tzedakah...” Our efforts in tzedakah, receiving guests, will motivate G‑d to perform the greatest tzedakah, the Messianic redemption.

One might ask: How is it possible for us to bring about the coming of Mashiach immediately? We reply that the answer can be taken from the second Ushpiza of the present evening, the Baal Shem Tov. The Baal Shem Tov’s manner of living was miraculous, transcending the laws of nature to the extent that when we see a Tzaddik perform a miracle, we say his manner of behavior reflects that of the Baal Shem.2 This pattern of behavior was transmitted from generation to generation by the Nesi’im until, through the efforts of the Previous Rebbe, this potential was given to us. Thus, we have the potential to bring about the coming of Mashiach now.

This also relates to the portion of Chumash associated with the present day which describes Moshe’s ascending of Mount Nebo. The Hebrew for Nebo (נבו) can be interpreted נ' בו meaning “It contains fifty,” referring to Moshe’s acquisition of “the fifty gates of understanding.” This relates to every Jew for every Jew’s soul contains a spark of Moshe’s soul. Furthermore, he is a student of Moshe, receiving the influence which Moshe generously conveyed upon the Jewish people.

May the above hasten the time when we celebrate in the Sukkah made from the Leviathan’s hide3 with the coming of Mashiach. May it be now, immediately.