Chaf-Alef Teves, 5749

(Sefer HaMaamarim Meluket III, p. 33ff)

By the Grace of G‑d

Shabbos Parshas Acharei Mevorchim HaChodesh Iyar, 5746

To explain the concept of Techiyas HaMeisim, the Resurrection of the Dead:

The Mishnah states:1 “Every Jew has a share in the World to Come.” In this Mishnah, the term “World to Come” refers2 to the “World of Resurrection.” This is indicated by the continuation of the Mishnah: “The following do not have a portion in the World to Come: He who says that ‘there is no indica­tion in the Torah that the dead will be resurrected.’” The reason [why such an individual is denied a portion in the World to Come,] is, as the Gemara explains:3 “He denied the Resurrection of the Dead; therefore he will not have a share in this Resurrection — measure for measure.” Thus, [it is with regard to Resurrection of the Dead] that it is said: “Every Jew has a share in the World to Come.”

Gan Eden, [the Garden of Eden, the spiritual realm of the souls,] {is at times, also referred to as the World to Come.4 Al­though Gan Eden exists now as well,5 [it is given this name which implies a future event,] because it is attained by man after his labor in this world6}. As the verse states,7 “Who may ascend the mountain of G‑d?... He who has “clean hands” and a pure heart.”

This verse indicates that there many requirements for attaining the state of Gan Eden.8 With regard to the Era of Resurrection (the principal appellation of the World to Come), by contrast, it is stated that “Every Jew has a share in the World to Come.”9

This requires explanation. The revelations that will characterize the Era of Resurrection far surpass those of Gan Eden. This is evident from the fact that Gan Eden exists now as well, while the revelations of the Era of Resurrection will not be manifest until that Future Era. Moreover, the revelation of the Era of Res­urrection will follow (even) the Era of Mashiach.

{This is also indicated by the expression:10 “There is none comparable to You... in this world; and none apart from You... in the life of the World to Come; there is nothing aside from You... in the Era of Mashiach; and there is none like You... in the Era of Resurrection of the Dead.” These four epochs are arranged in ascending order. The revelation of the World to Come (in this context, Gan Eden11) is loftier than the revelation that can exist in this world. Higher still, is the revelation in the Era of Mashiach. And on an even higher plane is the revelation of the Resurrection of the Dead — superior even to the revelation in the Era of Mashiach.}

[This requires explanation.] Many conditions must be met to merit the revelation of Gan Eden, while the revelation of the Resurrection of the Dead, which is vastly superior to that of Gan Eden, will be granted to all Jews.