Even the revelation of the Era of Mashiach will reflect [only] the light of sovev kol almin. Therefore, even in this era, there will be different levels of revelation (as explained above). The revelation of the Resurrection, however, will (as a whole) be the same for all Jews.1 For in the Era of Resurrection the essence of the Or Ein Sof that transcends [all possibilities of] division will be revealed.

There will be two aspects to this revelation:

a) The revelation of the essence of the Or Ein Sof that [the Jewish people] have drawn down through their observance of the mitzvos. This will raise the Jewish people themselves to a higher level.2

b) The revelation of the innate [G‑dliness] of the Jewish people, that they are — “the branch of My planting, the work of My hands, in which to take pride.”

This quality of the Jewish people is even loftier than the revelation of G‑dliness that they draw down through their study of the Torah and their observance of the mitzvos. For the source of Jewish souls is G‑d’s essence (higher than the source of the Torah and its mitzvos), and similarly, the Jewish body was cho­sen by G‑d’s essence.3