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When Every Moment is Precious

An in-depth Maamar of Chabad Thought: Lo Sih'yeh Meshakeilah, Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, 5712

Explains the versese, "And you shall serve G‑d your L‑rd, and He shall bless your bread and your water, and I shall remove sickness from your midst," it continues, promising: "There will not be a woman who loses her young…."
"He is the ultimate of perfection," if so, the concept of serving Him— i.e., that there is something the master would be lacking were it not for one's service—is difficult to understand.
Man's service is significant even to G d's Essential light.
The outcome of man's Divine service should be "the refinement of the created beings."
The concept of avodah, Divine service, is derived from the verse, "And you shall serve G‑d your L‑rd."
The verse "And you shall serve G‑d your L‑rd" refers to the concept of prayer.
There is another rationale why service motivated by fear is not sufficient, and service motivated by love is necessary.
"Offspring" refers to love and fear, the offspring of meditation.
The quality that could prevent one's spiritual emotions from thriving is self-satisfaction.
"What is happening with your 'land'?" (I.e., your will). He bitterly calls out: "Do I care about my will? Do I care about pleasure? About love? About fear?"
A person cannot remove these feelings of self-consciousness through his own efforts alone. Instead, he needs be assisted by an elevated spiritual power drawn down from Above.