Our Rebbetzin, the Rebbe's wife, was still slightly indisposed. Roselyn telephoned every day, but could not make contact. We were in Crown Heights for only a week so we were mot fortunate enough to have the pleasure of seeing her this time.

Subsequently, on our return to Manchester, I phoned at 9:30 a.m. New York time and our Rebbetzin herself answered. She was under the impression that we intended to stay in Brooklyn for two weeks. I told Roselyn that in the future, when we wanted to talk to the Rebbetzin, it would be easier from Manchester. I assured the Rebbetzin that we had enjoyed our visit and observed that the Rebbe had given me much honor and showed me great friendliness.

The Rebbetzin remarked, "You deserve it Mr. Jaffe."

I was taken aback and said, "One, I really do not deserve such commendation; and two, even if a person does deserve something—they don't always get it."

He informed me that the Rebbe was very worried because he had not heard from me We left Brooklyn on Wednesday, Yossi and Mendy were traveling later on; they intended to fly home on Sunday evening. Yossi was very reluctant to leave, he maintained that staying in New York was doing him the world of good, spiritually. Besides which, there was to be an audience night that Sunday, and a chassidic gathering, a farbrengen, on the following night, Monday. Still if he had to go home, then he had to go home.

As soon as Roselyn and I returned home, we immediately telephoned to 770 and also to the Rebbetzin to confirm that we had, thank G‑d, arrived safely in Manchester.

A short while later I received the following letter from the Rebbe:

By the Grace of G‑d
4th of Cheshvan, 5740 [October 5, 1979]
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Greeting and Blessing:

This is to confirm receipt of your correspondence, and no doubt you have been able to rest up from your travels and share your good impressions and benefits from your visit here with Anash [chassidim] in Manchester.

Especially as our meeting and parting were in connection with, and in the spirit of, Simchas Torah, which sets the tone for the entire year, in keeping with the imperative of "serve G‑d with joy" —may each and every day of the New Year be filled with true joy in every respect materially and spiritually, and that you and Mrs. Jaffe should enjoy true Yiddish Chasidish [Jewish, chassidic] Nachas from each of your children and grandchildren, in good health and happy circumstances.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson

This made the perfect ending to our Simchat Torah visit to the Rebbe.

On Cheshvan 24th, November 14th, I had just returned from a business trip to London. It was 7 p.m. at night, 2 p.m. in the afternoon in New York, when the telephone rang. It was one of the Rebbe's aides, Rabbi Leibel Groner, calling from 770.

He informed me that the Rebbe was very worried because he had not heard from me. Leibel added that the Rebbe goes through all his mail every day and is continually looking for and seeking a letter from Zalmon Jaffe.

It was four weeks since I had left New York and the Rebbe was anxious to know what was the reason why I had neglected to write. The Rebbe did know that I had phoned 770 and also spoken to the Rebbetzin as soon as we arrived home. But, I generally write to the Rebbe every two weeks, so this lapse was unusual; the Rebbe was becoming very concerned, because he heard that Roselyn was unwell!

I felt terribly guilty and annoyed with myself for causing the Rebbe aggravation, but fortunately I had written a letter three days previously which would probably arrive at 770 in the course of the next day or so.