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Rahab: Operated an inn located in the walls of the city of Jericho. When Joshua sent two spies to survey Jericho in anticipation of the Israelites’ impending invasion of Canaan, they stayed at her inn. When the Canaanites got wind of the spies' whereabouts, she hid them on her rooftop and sent the Canaanites on a wild goose chase. In return, the Israelites spared her and her family. According to the Midrash, she later converted to Judaism and married Joshua.
A Worthy Successor, The Two Spies
1273 BCE
Two days before the conclusion of the thirty-day mourning period following the passing of Moses on Adar 7 (see Jewish History for the 7th of Nissan), Joshua dispatched two scouts--Caleb and Pinchas--across the Jordan River to Jericho, to gather intelligen...
Rahab was a resident of Jericho, who sheltered two spies whom Joshua had sent to scout out the city. She was rewarded for her kindness and ultimately married Joshua, taking her place in the ranks of righteous converts. Who Was Rahab? It was a month after ...
Take a look at some amazing Jewish heroines spanning 3,000 years of history.
Throughout history the Jewish nation has been enriched by converts—upstanding men and women who opted to enter the covenant and become part of the Chosen Nation.
For an informed reading of Joshua 2:1–24
Joshua Sends Spies to Jericho A major part of the portion of Shelach is occupied with the story of the spies sent by Moses to the Land of Israel. Forty years later, now at the threshold of entry into the land, Moses’ successor, Joshua, sends two spies of ...
Haftorah Hyperlinks: Shelach
Learn the profound connections between the weekly parsha and its related Haftorah.
For the haftarah of Shelach, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah for Shelach tells about the spies Joshua sent to Jericho, to do espionage in the land of Canaan. Joshua 2:1-24. Joshua sent two spies and, they came to the home of a woman who was a zonah named Rahab. Rashi explains that the word zonah here m...
Joshua's mode had the unique advantage in that he achieved that the world itself should become G-dly.
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