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Mem: the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, prounounced "m," with a numerical value of 40
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by Miri
Hear that humming sound? Always there, right? Ever wonder what's going on? Find out with Miri, as she explores the motor letter of the universe. Be aMazed.
This class explains the mystical meanings of the Hebrew letters including the significance of the letters' names, their phonetic sounds, their graphic design, and even their corresponding numerical values.
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Tzav
"This is the law of the burnt offering -- the burnt offering which burns on the fire (mokdah) on the altar all night..." (Leviticus 6:2) In this verse, the word "mokdah," which means fire, is written with a small-sized letter "mem". What is the deeper mea...
Normally, I’d send her flowers for Mother’s Day, but this year I’m taking the opportunity to write her a letter. I hope she reads it and understands how much I truly value her...
The thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Mem is the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet Numerical value: 40 Sound: "M" Meaning: 1. Water 2. Mashiach Story When the mikveh in Brownsville, N.Y. wanted to close its doors because of financial difficulties, my mother’s paternal great-grandfather...
The embryo takes forty days to attain recognizable human form.
The embryo takes forty days to attain recognizable human form.
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Mem, part 1)
“Oh, how I love your Torah” exclaims King David “all day long it is my speech.” Illustrating of how the 13th Hebrew letter is uniquely related to our Torah –the opening verses of “Mem” begin with a demonstrative Davidic proclamation of deep affection towa...
Explore the mystical meaning
Discover the spiritual meaning of the male name Menachem, the secret behind their Hebrew letters and numerical value, and the name’s corresponding verse in the Torah.
The four special mitzvahs of Purim all start with the letter “mem”: 1) Megillah, 2) Mishloach manot (sending food gifts to friends), 3) Matanot la’evyonim (charity to the poor), and 4) Mishteh (a festive meal). What is the deeper significance of this conn...
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