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Rabbi Manis Friedman is a world-renowned author, lecturer and philosopher; and co-founder of Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies. He also served as simultaneous translator for the live televised talks by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Making Sense of the "Ten Commandments"
Who Knows Ten?
How do you explain and make the Ten Commandments relevant to children? Watch how Rabbi Manis Friedman explains them in a fresh way so that even a puppet could understand.
A farbrengen with Rabbi Manis Friedman
The Challenge of Our Times
What is the biggest difficulty and impediment in life today? We can learn from the Rebbe how to overcome this challenge and to live with higher purpose.
What Jews Believe, Lesson 7
Overview and Wrap-Up
New psychology on the human condition
Sadness, Sin, and Temptation
Where psychology has failed, and what is in store for the future. Addressing the challenge of human weakness and guilt, Rabbi Manis Friedman offers a fresh perspective based on the teachings of Tanya (chapter 27).
The key to a happy marriage
The Truth About Love and Marriage
We’ve heard a lot about a match made in heaven, but what are the real ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage?
The Theology of Needing and Being Needed
A Vulnerable G-d?
Does G-d love us or does He need us? Does He care whether or not we do mitzvot? Is being vulnerable a weakness? Rabbi Friedman tackles these questions and more as he describes the Jewish view of an omnipotent G-d who asks us to serve Him.
The Truth About Intimacy
Why Does Marriage Fail?
The secret that the Torah shares with us about men and women is that they are not brought closer through physical attraction.
Jewish Theology, Lesson 6
What Jews Believe: Redemption
In this final class in a six-part series, we reach the culminating and most essential concept of Jewish belief—the belief in the perfection of this world. What is universal redemption? How does it come about? How is it connected to—and the fulfillment of—...
Jewish Theology, Lesson 5
What Jews Believe: Free Choice
If we are part of G-d’s plan, then why did He give us the choice to deviate from the plan? To what extent do our choices really affect our lives? This fifth in a six-part series on core Jewish beliefs examines the importance of free will and its effect on...
Jewish Theology, Lesson 4
What Jews Believe: The World
Why did G‑d create this physical universe? What role does it play in G‑d’s plan? In this fourth of a six-part series on core Jewish beliefs, we discuss why G‑d desires this lowly and crass world, and how the material can ultimately become more G‑dly than ...
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