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Marriage (814)
Family (136)
Birth, coming of age, marriage, death … Judaism has celebrations and rituals associated with every major juncture in life.
We are who we love: self, fellow, and what connects us
Unraveling the mystery of love, marriage, and relationships.
The key to a happy marriage
The Truth About Love and Marriage
We’ve heard a lot about a match made in heaven, but what are the real ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage?
Understanding Relationships
The Kabbalah of Marriage
Relationships seem to be an enigma. Uncovering the quintessential relationship between G-d and man, which mirrors our very own marriages, sheds light on this most challenging topic.
The Three Temples as Three Phases of a Marriage
Building, Destruction and Renewal
The Third Temple to be built by Moshiach corresponds to the third phase in a relationship in which opposites are harmonized and ultimate peace is achieved.
The Philosophy of Relationships
Liking the People You Love
Understanding the difference between “living” and “existing” helps us understand why it’s sometimes so hard to like the people you love.
Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 3
An Awareness of G-d Through an Awareness of Other
Various levels of separateness as they correspond to the Four Worlds as well as interpersonal relationships.
Sefirat HaOmer, Part VI
Contemporary culture is hooked on sexuality, but knows almost nothing of intimacy. The former has to do with the body, the act alone. The latter is personal, and also spiritual. Of course it’s physical and passionate too, but the passion and pleasure are ...
Should any physical contact that is friendly be considered intimate? Hopefully, it should.
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