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An Awareness of G-d Through an Awareness of Other

Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 3

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An Awareness of G-d Through an Awareness of Other: Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 3

Various levels of separateness as they correspond to the Four Worlds as well as interpersonal relationships.
Awareness of G-d Through Awareness of Others  
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Brison Indianapolis, IN January 26, 2021

These are beautiful insights. Thank you! Reply

Anonymous Hollywood October 15, 2014

Chava (19) + Tetragrammaton (26) = Tetragrammaton expanded (45) So is it true then that a man (45 ) needs a woman (19) but a woman does not need a man? Reply

Anonymous USA November 1, 2010

Awareness Rabbi Crispe,

As a Kabbalist, I so thoroughly enjoy your lectures. I would like to mention, that though your lecture probably applies to marriage, it is relevant to relationships in general, be they superficial or intensely personal, from friends to marriage, how we treat others is relevant to ourselves.

If a relationship is one sided, or caustic, then it has to be terminated. Specifically if that relationship is caustic to us personally.

It is important to know ones self. Grander on many levels to know others. Be that good or bad.

Love your lectures and Kabbalistic teachings. You are excellent in your communications. Reply

Anonymous USA October 21, 2010

Relationships Rabbi Crispe,

Your lecture on relationships is inspiring. Some relationships I have maintained until death departed us. Still, others, have been fractured because of caustic communications.

Today, relationships are relevent still, but harder to continue or get to any real depth because many are not willing to go the course. Sometimes, it is because they only want their needs fulfilled. One sided relationships are not relationships at all.

Specifically, your lecture is on marriage relationships, but I think it applies to all relationships.

Thanks for your intelligent and inspiring lecture. Reply

Anonymous Grants Pass , ORA October 12, 2010

An Awareness Nothing more whole than a broken heart...very provoking. Thank you for this teaching. It is amazing how much it applies to my life right now (always, but especially now as I am estranged from my husband of 36 years. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA October 11, 2010

An awareness of G-d throught an awareness of othe I just wish to know if your teaching is for all relationship not only husband and wife.

Thank you so much Reply

Jerry Gillman Chicago, Il/ US October 11, 2010

Thank you! What inspiring words you offer... Thank you so much! Bless you and yours.. Zi Guzunt.. Reply

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