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Obama, Barack

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Will it bring relief to the needy, or will it – as the Republicans claim – serve to bankrupt insurance companies and our nation, lead to a government takeover of the health care system, and cause a drastic decline in the quality of our medical care?
Recently, I landed a job running a country. One of my plans is to double the size of the Peace Corps. Looks like you now have your own international corps, so I'm interested if you can give me a few tips...
Together with many of my coworkers, I huddled around the computer screen watching as President Obama took the oath of office and delivered his inaugural address. One thing, however, was gnawing at me, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. Then it hit me...
He has endowed him with the necessary qualities to take a country already legendary for blazing the trail in the areas of morality, human rights and trust in G‑d, and bring it to even greater heights.
"In running the Chabad House in Mumbai, Gavriel and Rivka provided a home away from home for so many Jewish travelers, carrying out in their corner of the world Chabad Lubavitch's mission of service to the Jewish community."
You see Step One in change is about seizing the moment, not a promise and hope. It is about doing something NOW, not just strategizing. How do we capture this wind of change in our own lives?
Rabbi Moshe Ze’ev Pizem says that words are not enough to ensure Israel’s safety and that of his town.
I have a theory. I think that Obama won the nomination not despite his ambiguity on the issues, but because of it...
Does experience negate change? Is it possible for a person with experience in a particular field to implement real change?
Despite formidable obstacles, a political newcomer has managed to upset the establishment... There has got to be a lesson we can learn from the "Obama Phenomenon"...
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