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Obama, Barack

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President’s remarks are called stirring and heartfelt
A call to action from Sandy Hook
We were asked to help because as bereaved parents ourselves, several times over, perhaps we had something more to offer . . .
From what I've read, constitutional experts, as well as the White House's counsel, insisted that a repeat of the oath was not necessary, but the President felt that a retake would be appropriate...
By the millions, Obama motivated us to register to vote. Excited by the prospect of change that Obama is promising, many of the new voters, and many of the veterans too, voted straight Democratic...
I prefer a candidate who will single-mindedly and tenaciously pursue the solutions to one, two or maximum three issues. Issues that might not be of the greatest importance, but ones that matter to the electorate.
It seems to me that Republican Scott Brown's stunning victory in the Massachusetts special election has the potential to be a positive watershed moment for Mr. Obama's administration.
This all got me thinking. Does Judaism, a results-oriented way of life, allow for celebrating good intentions? The answer was not long in coming...
Obama's response to his critics was quick in coming. "Those jeans are comfortable," explained the Commander-in-Chief, and he was not about to sacrifice his comfort just to be a bit more in vogue.
Ready for a quiz? I selected a few quotes from recent campaign speeches by the two presidential candidates. Can you guess who said what?
The following was written by Mendy Kaminker, editor of Chabad.org's Hebrew site. So who will be the Democratic nominee? While that's still unclear, what is clear is that Barak Obama is emerging as the surprise of this election. If he wins the nomination, ...
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