"More than ever before the civilized world of today will look up to the United States of America for guidance as behooves the world's foremost Super Power—not merely in the ordinary sense of this term but even more importantly, as a moral and spiritual Super Power, whose real strength must ultimately derive from an unalterable commitment to the universal moral code of the Ten Commandments. Indeed, it is this commitment to the same Divine truths and values that, more than anything else, unites all Americans in the true sense of E Pluribus Unum."

—The Rebbe, in a letter to President Reagan, 1982.

I'd personally like to congratulate our new President, Barack Obama, and wish him much success.

The Talmud (Bava Batra 91b) tells us that "even the official responsible for the town well, is appointed by Heaven."

If this is what our sages say regarding the lowly post of a village well administrator, how much more so regarding the position of president of United States, the person regarded by many to be the leader of the Free World.

G‑d has deemed our newly elected President worthy and capable of standing at the helm of this great nation. He has endowed him with the necessary qualities to take a country already legendary for its kindness and blazing the trail in the areas of morality, human rights and trust in G‑d, and bring it to even greater heights.

My hopes and prayers stand behind President Obama. May he lead with strength, conviction, and, as the Rebbe says, a commitment to divine truths and values.