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A Taste of Text—Chukat
While devoting yourself to helping others, safeguard time for your own spiritual and emotional growth. Focus energy inward as well as outward.
I know that it is important to help others, but I cannot seem to find time. How can I help people when I’m so busy?!
There are two different types of failed politicians.
The EMTs told employees at the eatery to call 911 and then left when they were asked to help. The woman was eventually taken to a hospital, where she died a short time later...
I've just signed on to Facebook. Immediately, I clicked on the "my friends" tab and sure enough the computer informed that that "You have no friends." I was devastated
When we forget G‑d, we view the world as a finite resource, a pie with a defined number of slices; every bit that you get comes out of my wallet.
We are commanded to love every Jew at all times. But is this really doable? And what exactly is this love that is demanded of us?
As the floodwaters recede, Chabad helps students and community members return to normal.
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