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Moses' dismay at the request of several tribes to remain on the eastern bank of the Jordan is a powerful lesson in Jewish communal responsibility.
Episode 5
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
Is it better to keep Shabbat and eat only kosher but be unkind and dishonest, or to be a good person who is not as observant?
Episode 2
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
The Ten Commandments lay the foundation for our relationship with G‑d and our fellow man. Here’s how . . .
Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik's "The Lonely Man of Faith", and the famous chapter 32 of the Tanya of Rabbi Shcneur Zalman of Liadi. To state the contrast is not to formulate an opposition; simply to open another gate...
A Sukkot Lesson
As I sit back in my chair behind my large oak desk, waiting for Windows to load, I wonder when I had become so conceited. Where had this feeling of superiority come from? What is it that makes me believe, for even a fleeting moment, that I am better than ...
Are you searching for love in the present, or in your past? Are you looking for your soulmate or are you looking for yourself?
The clock on my dashboard showed 12:50 pm. My youngest son usually arrives home from school shortly after one o'clock, so I would have ample time before he rushed through the front door, and even some extra minutes to spare
Why is the red heifer called chukat haTorah, "the decree of the Torah"? It's as if the Torah is saying, "This is the crux of the whole Torah." We know that the essence of the whole Torah is love of one's fellow: There is the famous story of the sage Hille...
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