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Parshat Devarim

Readings for Devarim
Av 4, 5783
July 22, 2023

Isaiah 1:1-27
Torah Portion: Devarim
Devarim in a Nutshell

The name of the Parshah, "Devarim," means "the words" and it is found in Deuteronomy 1:1.

On the first of Shevat (thirty-seven days before his passing), Moses begins his repetition of the Torah to the assembled children of Israel, reviewing the events that occurred and the laws that were given in the course of their forty-year journey from Egypt to Sinai to the Promised Land, rebuking the people for their failings and iniquities, and enjoining them to keep the Torah and observe its commandments in the land that G‑d is giving them as an eternal heritage, into which they shall cross after his death.

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