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Rashi Studies (Advanced)

Avraham had already left his homeland together with his father, Terach. What does it mean that G‑d told him to "go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house"? And how did Avraham know where to go?
Did Avraham's move to Egypt reflect a lack of faith? How could he put Sarah at risk for abduction, merely to save his own life? An analysis of Avraham's motives which shows us how to replace worry with faith today.
Was "Amrafel" Nimrod's nickname? Or was "Nimrod" Amrafel's nickname? This dispute between Rav and Shmuel is a reflection of their different approaches to Torah study. (Either way, Nimrod/Amrafel was a bad guy.)
Why does Rashi bring the non-Pshat interpretation that "three-hundred-and-eighteen trained men" is really just a numerical hint to Eliezer? Why introduce an extra miracle? And were the three-hundred-and-eighteen men really not present at all?
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