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From the Chassidic Masters

The Third Millennium
Infancy, self-sufficiency and synthesis -- the story of mankind from the Garden of Eden to Noah’s ark to Mount Sinai.
The History of Monotheism
The respective roles of faith and intellect in Abraham’s discovery of the truth of the one G-d.
The Three Journeys of Abraham
What drives a man to leave his “land, his birthplace, and his father’s house” for an unknown destination? Yet driven we are, in search of something more than what our parents, teachers--indeed our very nature and genes--have to offer.
Bodily Riches
The Midrash sees Sarah’s abduction by Pharaoh and her subsequent liberation as a precedent for Abraham and Sarah’s children’s future sojourn in Egypt. According to the chassidic masters, it also illuminates the soul-body relationship within each individual’s life.
What is the deeper significance of the “great wealth” promised to Abraham as the reward of galut?
Intellectual Lands
Where are the lands of the Keini, Kenizi and Kadmoni promised to Abraham? And why are they practically impossible to conquer?
Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha, 10 Mar-Cheshvan 5742
The Contrast Between Isaac and Ishmael
Why were Isaac and Ishmael circumcised at different ages?
Abraham’s two sons represents two radically different modes of relating to G‑d.
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