The sign on the ticket booth proclaimed in large letters: Big Wheel: Adults $2, Children under twelve $1.

"Hey Sammy, wait! I have an idea," Isaac whispered to his friend, as the two stood in line waiting to buy the tickets. "Let's tell the man we're eleven, and we'll be able to go on the ride twice or we could go on that ghost train again. He should believe us; you only just turned twelve a few months ago, and everyone always thinks I'm ten."

Sammy looked doubtful. "Isn't that sort of stealing?"

"Of course not! Do you think it costs the ride owner any more to have someone who's twelve than someone who's eleven on the ride? It's not wrong at all."

They were now the first people in the line and Isaac nudged Sammy who said: "Two child tickets please." The girl in the booth hardly looked at them as she tore off two pink tickets and gave them to Sammy in exchange for two dollars.

Sammy gave Isaac one of the tickets, and the two went through the barrier and were shown to their seats. Soon they were ascending up, up, up into the sky. They could see the whole fairground below them, surrounded by the green of the park, in turn surrounded by the city, stretching for as far as the eye could see.

Sammy tried to enjoy himself, but he was wondering if what they had done was right. It was only a little thing, he thought. It wasn't a really bad thing, like robbing someone of their lifesavings, or eating on Yom Kippur.

Then he remembered what he had been learning just a few days ago in his Torah lesson.

The Torah portion was Eikev, which means "consequence," but could also mean "heel," his teacher told them. He explained that Rashi, a famous commentator on the Torah, said that this refers to the lighter commandments in the Torah which people tread on with their heels, i.e., they aren't so careful to keep these small commandments as they are the "big" ones.

What the verse in the Torah is saying is that we should be careful even with these "small" commandments, which could get overlooked, and then we will be rewarded with a very great and beautiful reward....

So he had been wrong to listen to Isaac. Even though it was only a small thing, it was still important to keep it. Then he began thinking: it's not such a small thing. It's stealing! Sammy made up his mind what he would do, even if Isaac would laugh at him.

When the two got off the ride Sammy told Isaac that he was going to pay the extra money to the ride owner, and explained why. But Isaac didn't laugh at him.

In fact, Isaac looked ashamed. "I'll come with you. It was my idea. I never really thought it was so wrong before, but I see your point now. I'll also pay the extra. We'll say we didn't realize adult tickets begin at twelve years old..."

"Wouldn't that be lying?" thought Sammy. However, fortunately, the man did not ask anything. When they offered him the extra money, he just smiled, and accepted it. As if he knew all along…