There were five children sitting in the shed at the bottom of Danielle's garden. Rachel felt very proud. It had been her idea to start this club, which was to be a club to do good deeds - Mitzvot. She had thought of it after seeing how sad and lonely old Mrs. Myers was, and one of the club's first projects would be to help her. She stood up and looked around the room. There were her two best friends, Sara and Danielle, her younger sister Miriam, with her best friend, Etty... she looked down at her notebook.

"Okay, I hereby declare this club meeting open. I think the first thing is to decide upon a name. I — "

"One minute!" Etty interrupted. "I think we should start by electing officers - and who decided that you are in charge?" Etty felt upset and looked it. After all - why did Rachel always have to make herself so big, just because she was older?

Then Danielle spoke. "Actually, if anyone is president, it should be me - I'm older than all of you, and this is my shed."

It would have turned into quite an argument, if not for Sara's timely intervention. She spoke quietly but firmly.

"I think," she said "That this is how Korach behaved - remember — we just learnt about him. He wanted power, and he didn't care what he did to get it — he even rebelled against Moses, and ended up by being swallowed up in the ground. Of course everyone wants to be in charge — I also do — and I bet each person can think of good reasons why they should be president, but its not worth having a fight about."

"You're right," Etty said, her face red "I was really just being jealous - I suppose I am behaving a bit like Korach."

Rachel said: "Let's all be president - no one in charge."

"No, I think Etty is right," Sara said. "We should have an election — everyone raise your hand if you think Rachel should be President." Four arms waved in the air. Rachel smiled, a little embarrassed, but pleased. "I think we should thank Korach for showing us how not to behave" she said. "That shows that even from a bad person you can learn something good!"