The Jewish people in the desert must have wondered when they saw Korach confront Moshe Rabbeinu. “What’s bothering Korach?” they probably asked each other. “He comes from a dignified family. He has an important position; he’s a Levite, and he’s wealthy and popular. People say that he even has ruach hakodesh.”

Why indeed did Korach challenge Moshe Rabbeinu ?

Korach was not a simple person, and he was not speaking selfishly. He told Moshe, “The entire congregation is holy and HaShem is in their midst. Why do you set yourself above G‑d’s congregation?”

What Korach began saying was true. Every Jew is holy, and the spark of HaShem, our neshamah “is in our midst.” But then he challenged Moshe Rabbeinu’s position. That is where Korach went wrong.

The Jewish people need Moshe Rabbeinu. We need leaders, teachers of Torah, who will show us how to live the Torah way, so that the spark of HaShem in our neshamos can be revealed.

Korach knew this as well. He knew that the Jewish people needed leaders. Indeed, he himself was one of the people’s leaders. But he thought that it was enough for a leader to be wiser and better qualified than most people. He objected to Moshe Rabbeinu being head and shoulders above anyone else.

HaShem showed us that Korach was making a terrible mistake. The holiness of HaShem and the Torah is way above us. To bring out that holiness within us, the Jewish people do need a Moshe Rabbeinu. Only a leader who is head and shoulders above the people can make the Torah shine brightly in our lives.

The Zohar teaches us that there is a spark of Moshe Rabbeinu in every generation. Through the Moshe in every generation, HaShem gives every Jew the ability to add holiness to this world.

(Adapted from Likkutei Sichos, Vol. IV, Parshas Korach)