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Guest Columnists


Hearing the Voice of G-d
Choose your inner thoughts. Quiet your brain and your soul. Be present and open to the miracle embedded in every single moment.
Am I Only Human?
An animal does what it does, it makes no choices, it makes no mistakes. Lions eat zebras and raccoons knock over garbage pails. We can be annoyed but never angry with them. We must never be raccoons.
My Father in Heaven
My father had lots of rules. Some of them I understood, and some of them I didn't understand
Go the Extra Mile
When given an opportunity to earn more dollars, few people will say, “Why bother? I can manage with the bare necessities.” Why would the spiritual quality of life be any less important?
Got Salt?
The commandment to place salt on every sacrifice is repeated three times. Why so much emphasis?
Love in All the Gross Places
With all its gory detail, this is a book about love.
What is Your Sacrifice?
Parshat Vayikra
Although the monetary value of the meal offering can not be compared to that of an animal sacrifice, the amount of physical and spiritual effort that went into this act for this particular person is priceless...
When My Daughter Learned to Say No
Discovering the Small Alef
For the moment, my heart overflows with pride as I witness her burgeoning independence, her sense of self. I know that in a few months or years from now, these traits may not always seem so endearing, but for now, I kvell.
Should You Be Sorry for Slips of the Tongue?
If you hurt someone’s feelings as a result of a mere slip of the tongue, presumably there is nothing to be sorry for. Presumably it “meant nothing.” Unless, of course, unconscious gestures are even more meaningful than conscious ones.
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