Am Yisroel was told the reason
For each Yom Tov in it’s season
Yomim Tovim, our holidays
Are times for us to sing Hashem’s praise

On the fifteenth of the month of Nissan
For Bnei Yisroel freedom had begun
On pesach we review the history
Of our bitter years of slavery

After pesach we are told to count
Seven weeks is the full amount
Until shavuos, the Torah we received
In 613 Mitzvos we believe

Rosh Hashona, the first of Tishrei
We Daven and blow Shofar on this day
On the tenth of Tishrei, fasting and prayer
Yom Kippur, holiest day of the year

On the fifteenth, Sukos falls
Our wanderings in the desert we recall
And so a Sukah we are told to build
With Yom Tov joy our hearts are filled