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Torah in Ten: Emor

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Torah in Ten: Emor

Topics include: Why a person born into Torah observance needs more encouragement than one who chose that way of life; how oxen, sheep and goats represent different types of human egos; and the importance of speaking softly.

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Eliezer Lubbock, Texas May 9, 2022

Why is the goat the most dangerous Ego? Could you explain why. Reply

Leah Cleveland May 17, 2016

Thank you I see my earlier comment from 2012....I am still enjoying this video in 2016 B"H ! Reply

TJ Philadelphia May 8, 2015

Choosing? Rabbi...I continue to enjoy your spirited question occurred to me as you were speaking...isn't the point of teaching, especially speaking softly to our children and the next generation, to teach them to choose? opposed to merely accepting being born into traditional practice? People tend to listen carefully to the 'soft' voice...and by doing so they are choosing. To me this is the 'Emor' point...thank you for bringing this to life. Reply

Alma Lopez Fort Lauderdale May 2, 2014

Thank you Rabbi Chaim, for by you softly expressing your words, it is causing an immediate effect in our cosmos, that allow our sefirot to reveal its brightness. As you explained here, I am one of those, who chose this path, but it was there from the very beginning, but no less, was the fervor of those born into, that revealed the bond in my heart.
May all of us bring in this now the full and complete revelation of our Moshiach.
Alma Reply

Gideon Philippe Ben Yacov Israelk April 28, 2014

ego if i am taurus would my ego also be like a bulls,food for thought especially for brooding pensive bull,a great ten minutes
Stay Cool and G-d's Blessings
Israel Reply

alicia Kent, WA May 12, 2012

softness thank you for the reminder to maintain softness in our interactions with others, especially spouse and children. i want the teaching of my children to be from a place of trust, and closeness, not a pedestal. ..i think i am a sheep. Reply

Gav winnipeg May 7, 2012

grateful You have really been part of my torah/spiritual nutrition to rejuvinate my soul when i am busy at work and life in sometimes a very dark and lonely place and wish i was somewhere else like i a warm yeshiva feeling the shechinah and sharing her joy with fellow talmidim and eating and drinking words of Torah in the same way a baby breastfeeds from his/her mother and grows and becomes stronger. I like your sincerity and honesty and very much value you wealth of torah knowledge in times of fast change. Shalom! Reply

Leah Cleveland, OH May 7, 2012

Thank you so much Rabbi Miller.
Torah in 10 is such a gem - a pocket full of gems really !
You asked for comments re: our type of ego. It's good to know there are diff types -
I'm not sure if I am a sheep or a goat - I don't think I'm the ox - hope not anyway. My husband says I am a rabbit cause I like salad, esp carrots and he doesn't ! Reply

Gershon April 23, 2012

Me Too Rabbi Miller, I feel like I know you and love listening to your rapid-fire flow of clipped Brittish kabbalah. Much appreciation... Reply

Anonymous Australia May 21, 2011

CONNECTING Thank you Rabbi Miller I appreciate the way you connect with your audience. You manage to convey much in a short amount of time. Shalom. Reply

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