Yehudah said to Yosef, "I’m stronger it is so
Please take me for a slave, and let Binyamin go."
The brothers knew what they had done to Yosef was wrong
Yosef sent his servants out, and in a voice so strong, said

Chorus: "I am Yosef, is my father still alive?
Ani Yosef, haod avi chai?"

"Don’t be afraid," the brothers were told
"It was Hashem’s will that I was sold
Go and tell our father, to Hashem I am true
Take food and wagons, but bring Yaakov back with you."


Serach played on her kinor, Yosef is alive
Yaakov was so happy when the wagons did arrive
When Yaakov saw Yosef after so many years
They hugged one another and cried happy tears

Chorus: ‘‘I am Yosef, my father is alive."
‘‘I am Yosef, my father is alive."