Eric and Benny sat poised in front of Benny's computer. They were doing a project about agriculture in their Economics class. The project was very interesting, because in order to understand how farmers would operate, their teacher had obtained a computer program like Sim City, but instead of building a town or city, this program allowed the player to be a farmer. They could buy and sell land and animals, and help them grow and keep them healthy by choosing the right food and pastures, and they also had to learn how to sell the produce the farm, like milk and grain.

'You know,' said Benny, 'Every time we tell the computer to take the sheep out into the fields so they can graze, I remember how we learned that the Patriarchs and the early ancestors of the Jewish people were farmers and would pasture their sheep'.

Eric laughed, but he was focused on trying to understand how to find a cheat to get more land for free.

'Come on Eric!' exclaimed Benny exasperated, 'that's no way to learn Economics - besides this is an educational program - it probably doesn't have any cheats'.

Eric smiled, 'You are right', he said, 'I was just checking to see'.

'Well it's not even good to check', Benny said, 'and besides,' he said softening his tone; 'if you do things in the right way then you always come out a winner'.

'I agree!' said Eric, 'In fact I saw a similar idea in there just today', he said pointing to his new book of the Torah, 'I was reading about how Joseph brings his father and brothers to live in Egypt…'

As Benny listened he picked up the large volume, inspecting it.

'So when they arrive Joseph takes some of his brothers to introduce them to Pharaoh, the King, and he says to them "When Pharaoh asks you what your job is, tell him the truth, that you and your forefathers have always been shepherds". So this is what the brothers tell Pharaoh and in turn Pharaoh says to them, "in that case you can live in the best pasture land of the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen, and not only that, you may have the responsibility of pasturing my sheep too!".

'Interesting,' said Benny. 'So that meant all the Jewish people were able to live together'.

'And that's how they became a nation,' he added, as they both turned back to their computer program. 'So I guess,' said Eric putting on his best farmer voice, 'we will need to sell a little more produce so we can afford more pasture land for the sheep...'