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Parshah Columnists

Guest Columnists
Why Children Must Be Present at Hakhel
The Torah espoused the value of early childhood education thousands of years before modern educational psychology recognized it.
When Life Plateaus
Together with the downfall comes the promise that there will be a subsequent climb.
Was the Hakhel Gathering in the Seventh or Eighth Year?
By very definition, there cannot be an eighth year in a seven-year cycle!
Tightrope of Life
How do we walk this tightrope called “life” without stumbling?
Last Days
I can’t help but wonder what I would do if I knew it was the last day of my life
If a Ceiling Could Talk . . .
First, there are agonizing hours of wavering and uncertainty. Then comes a sudden, almost breathtaking shift in perspective that makes the right decision stunningly clear.
How Valuable Is It To Live As If Every Day Were Your Last?
Instead of pretending that today were the last day of your life, what if you were to realize, instead, that it’s the first day of the rest of your life?
Choose Life So That You May Live
An Essay on Vayelech
There is nothing worse than perceiving the Torah as an inherited burden, because there is absolutely nothing that one can do about it.
The Sweet Song of the Sparks
How the harsh exile depicted in Moses’ speech is indeed a “song”—because there’s so much joy in it.
Torah Insights
When G-d Goes Into Hiding
We are here as Jews today, because generations of Jews understood this truth: That the exile is not the absence of G‑d’s love and presence, but merely a concealment of His grace.
Judaism and Capitalism
Judaism is about unity: the unity of the one G-d, the universe and the unity of all people created in the image of G-d. And yet, Judaism established a commonwealth, giving the ordinary man an irrevocable right to his own property.
Weekly Torah
Parshah Messages
The Song that Testifies
What is the unique bond shared by the Torah and the Jew? They both are keenly aware that there is a deeper calling...
What Do You Think?
What to Do on Your 120th Birthday
Let's imagine that you would be celebrating your 120th birthday today, with your body in full function. What would you do?
Inner Stream
Students or Contributors?
The link to heaven seemed to pass away with Moses; from here on, the people would have to rely on their own analyses . . .
What the Rebbe Taught Me
History or Memory?
There’s no such thing as history in Judaism. The last message that Moses imparted to his people demonstrates this point.
Parshah Recovery
Never-Ending Progress
When we were humiliated and dejected, we accepted that we would have to change ourselves. But when life starts to return to normalcy, we lose the sense of urgency we so keenly felt at first...
Covenant & Conversation
The Second Mountain
What do you do when you have achieved it all, when you have risen to whatever career heights fate or providence has in store for you? What do you do as age lengthens its shadow, the sun sinks, and the body is no longer as resilient or the mind as sharp as it once was?
To Renew Our Days
What did Moses do on the last days of life?
The Heart, the Home, the Text
Dispersed, scattered, landless, powerless, so long as a Jew had the Torah he or she was at home—if not physically, then spiritually. There were times when it was all they had.
The Torah as G-d's Song
To make the Torah live anew, it is not enough to hand it on cognitively – as mere history and law. It must speak to us affectively, emotionally.
Consensus or Command?
What do you say to your successor? What advice do you give him or her?
Parshah Musings
Who Let the Kids In?
Adults are hit-and-miss: they might be inspired for a while, but their excitement often dissipates just as quickly. When a child buys into something, however, that commitment can last a lifetime.
For Friday Night
Beyond Speech
What I Would Say If I Could Speak . . .
A Hakhel message from a rabbi with ALS
The Thirteenth Gate
He didn't write it specifically for his Chassidim, rather that it should be all-inclusive, for any neshamah.
Weekly Sermonette
Conviction or Compromise?
By standing firmly by our principles and convictions we can move forward in life.
The Freeman Files
The Last Two Mitzvahs
Why were we given the command to gather every seven years right when Moses was about to pass away?
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