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Guest Columnists

The Obligation to Emulate G-d
Aside from the commandment to act with compassion and kindness, there is a commandment to do so with the appropriate motivation.
Can Everyone Be Happy?
How can the Torah expect everyone to be giddy about their chance to serve G-d? What if I’m not?
The Rebuke and the Unhappy Shoe Salesman
Do we look at G‑d’s commandments as responsibilities and chores? Or do we see a mitzvah as another opportunity to become closer to Him?
Two Aspects of Thanksgiving
The first approach reflects the depth of one’s faith, but is likely to be a very abstract and amorphous response. The second, steeped in intellect, may lack the spontaneity and power of the first, but truly penetrates the entire personality of the individual
Don't Think It - Say It
While it is true that actions speak louder than words, there is an element of appreciation that is expressed more by our words than our deeds...
The Six-Sentence Thank You
Couldn’t G‑d have given the poor farmer who traveled all the way to Jerusalem a simpler way of saying “thank you”?
How Honest Do You Have to Be?
How many people craftily put forth a clean and honest image while every night they sweep their dirt under the proverbial carpet?
Blessings and Curses
An Essay on Ki Tavo
Why does the Torah cite only the curses and not use the positive language of the blessings?
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