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Weekly Sermonette

The Wonder Doctor
Both men were so upset by their new circumstances that they refused to pay the doctor for his services. They argued that all he brought them was grief.
Jewish and Joyless
Where do we find our delight? Where is our enthusiasm and passion?
G-d in the Fast Lane
There are times when we make the effort and remain uninspired; and there are times when we become inspired effortlessly...
Jewish Joy
One of the prison guards told the Rebbe that when he beats a prisoner, he drinks his tea without its usual dose of sugar. Just watching the torture sweetened his tea... With a Jew, it's the other way around: knowing that a fellow's needs are unsatisfied somehow takes away the appetite for celebration, even if he personally may have reason to rejoice
Spiritual Security
Besides material support for the war effort, and in addition to tanks and fighter jets, Israel also needed spiritual support. There is a spiritual defense system, too, said the Rebbe
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