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From the Chassidic Masters

Twelve Sticks
The stick, it can be said, is a piece of tree that has paid the price of leaving home. The stick, it can also be said, is one who has reaped the rewards of leaving home . . .
Hardened Souls, Collected Sparks
What is the connection between Matot and Massei? And why are these two Parshiot are always read during "The Three Weeks", when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple?
The Betrothed
The laws governing the annulment of vows distinguishes between an arus ('betrothed") and a baal ("husband"). On a deeper level, these laws describe two modes of spiritual life
The Eastern Colonists
Why the dramatic shift in Moses' view on the Jewish settlement of the eastern territories? If the Reubenites' and Gadites' petition initially struck him as reminiscent of the sin of the Spies, what convinced him to endorse their plan and even expand on it?
A Slumber and a Headache
Three aspects of tzimtzum
“The court is obligated to straighten the roads to the cities of refuge, to repair them and broaden them . . . ‘Refuge, Refuge’ was written at all crossroads, so that the murderers should recognize the way and turn there . . .”
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