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Inner Stream


Just Because
When you love someone just because, you can overcome many obstacles
When opposites attract, sparks fly—because it is the presence of something absolutely great (read: G‑d) that drives the attraction in the first place.
Love Your Fellow
Several weeks ago, on Shabbat afternoon, we had a fascinating discussion. How should we respond when we learn through the media that our fellow Jew has behaved improperly or even immorally?
Ironically, the smaller the splash, the higher the rating that the diver receives
We often find ourselves in unexpected locations, ostensibly the victims of circumstance. We feel frustrated when carefully laid plans are foiled due to circumstances beyond our control. But a Jew must always remember that the "Strides of man are determined "G-d"...
As soon as the Tabernacle was erected, G‑d instructed that seven lights be kindled on the candelabra every day. Surprised, Moses asked, "Dear G‑d, You are the Master of light, do You require light from us?"
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