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Parshah Musings

There's No Such Thing as an Anti-Semite
The age-old struggle between Jew and Jew-hater is a misnomer. It's not us they hate
As anyone who has ever battled a coal barbeque or labored to start a campfire without fire-starters or kerosene would attest, there is more to kindling than just holding a match to the fuel
The Paranormal
Religion is the natural playing field of hucksters and frauds looking to make a fast buck on the back of some else’s credulity. How can you and I possibly differentiate between the holy and the profane, the profound and the ridiculous?
Addicted to Chametz?
Nowadays we commemorate the Second Passover by making sure to indulge in some matzah, but simultaneously we are permitted bread and other chametz on the table.
The Collectors
There are those who stride off imperviously into the sunset, not worrying about those who fall behind. Others live more circumspectly; they are there to pick up the pieces when others fall.
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