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Chumash Classes: Pekudei

Chumash Classes: Pekudei, Part 1
Introduction to the portion of Pekudei
Chp. 38 verses 21 - 23: Introduction, begins, "these are the accounting's of the tabernacle." Moshe gives an accounting of all the donations that were given for the construction of the Mishkan. It would be the service of the Levites under the supervision of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. The chief architect of the Mishkan was Bezalel from the tribe of Yehudal, and his assistant was Oholiab from the tribe of Dan.
Chumash Classes: Pekudei, Part 2
The Tabernacle is completed
Chp. 38 verses 24 - 31 Chp. 39 1 - 37: The materials, what the silver and copper were used for. Chp. 39 making the Ephod, making the Robe, Making the other vestments, and making the Head plate. The Tabernacle is completed.
Chumash Classes: Pekudei, Part 3
Chp. 39 verses 39 - 43: The people are unable to erect the Mishkan and so they bring all the pieces to Moshe hoping he would be able to do so. Moshe saw that all that Hashem had commanded him to tell the people to make they did exactly as he had told them, and he blessed them.
Chumash Classes: Pekudei, Part 4
Moshe erects the Mishkan
Chp. 40 verses 1 - 38: Hashem orders Moshe to erect the Mishkan, and he does so by himself miraculously. He places the Ark, the Table, the Menorah, the Golden Alter, and the curtain to the doorway. He places the Copper Alter, the Washstand and then he sets up the courtyard. The cloud then covers the Tabernacle and the glory of Hashem filled it. The cloud would tell them if they should camp or move. The cloud of Hashem was over the Tabernacle during the day and a pillar of fire at night, all before the eyes of the house of Israel throughout their journeys.
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