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Guest Columnists

The Pleasure Is in the Struggle
Leave perfection to G‑d; He wants for nothing but your struggles.
From Nice to Nasty and Back
The person you shared coffee with in the morning is now competition, and you’ll cut him down at the first opportunity.
Braveheart or Wiseheart?
"Wise-hearted" sounds contradictory. Wisdom is a faculty of the mind, but the heart is the seat of our emotions.
Stop Thinking and Start Doing
Sometimes, it’s time to put the self-help books aside and jump into the action.
The Cloud
What is the connection between the Jews traveling forward and the establishment of the Tabernacle in the desert? This information would seem to be more appropriate later in the book of Numbers, when it describes in great detail the various travels of the people of Israel during their 40 years in the desert.
Just Do It
The keys to the success of any significant project are capability and motivation. Potential + perseverance = success. Now between the two, which is primary?
A Blueprint for Healing
To be whole is to be holy, to keep what is eternally true at the center of your world and the core of your being. But it ain’t easy.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Parshat Vayakhel
What others think of us is relevant only if it reflects what we stand for and the way we honor their dignity. The secret is that we attain the favor of others precisely when we free ourselves of kowtowing to public opinion . . .
Relationships Meant to Endure
Parshat Pekudei
Any relationship can be sparked by infatuation, and it’s easy to get caught up in a moment of intense feelings. But for a relationship to endure, one has to relish and savor it, day after day, week after week, etc.
Brick by Brick
Parshiyot Vayak’hel-Pekudei
When the Jewish nation was still very, very young, we began setting aside materials for our own marital home. Our wedding was still hundreds of years, and hundreds of miles, away . . .
The Unique Place
An Essay On Parshat Pekudei
Why was the Tabernacle erected in the wilderness, a seemingly inopportune time and setting for such an endeavor?
The True Meaning of Shabbat Rest
An Essay On Parshat Vayakhel
Even someone with a thorough knowledge of the laws of Shabbat must grapple with the complicated question of what exactly is considered work by the Torah’s definition.
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