Guest Columnists

The Four Cups and the Four Sons
Life Lessons From the Parshah - Bo
The Other Darkness
What can we learn from darkness? Is there an upside to it?
When Life Knocks You Down
Perhaps you don’t deserve it, but neither did our fathers in Egypt—and G‑d was there for them. He’ll be there for you, too.
I Am a Cliché
Having the courage to experience the inherent energy shifts of the active and the stillness is how you feel alive.
On Didactics, Depravity, and Decapitating Donkeys
Killing the foal seems so pointless. What possible good could come of it?
Why Did G-d Smite the Firstborn?
Our job is to find the divine sparks hidden within each person, each object and each event, and let that shine.
Under the Darkness
When you’re able to “see” another person and revel in the positivity and unity it brings, it will automatically make you better, as well.
It's a Balancing Act: The Masculine and Feminine in Each of Us
Jewish mysticism teaches us that the differences between the sun and the moon are not just physical, but spiritual. This polarity is not merely about being a man or a woman; rather, these energies and qualities are present in everyone.
Why Is Passover on a Full Moon?
What is the significance of the Passover holiday taking place around thetime of the full moon?
The Balancing Act of Freedom: Knowing When to Be What
One of the hallmarks of being a slave is the inability to control anything, specifically time.
The Matzah Man
How an everyday dough boy gets to be a mystical matzah man
The Geometry of Freedom
The problem with most revolutions is that they are true revolutions -- revolve a full 360 degrees and the same ingrained patterns reassert themselves...
Door to Holiness
So what’s with the blood on the doors?
Have You Seen a Miracle Lately?
Every once in a while, the miracle just stares me in the eye and it becomes too hard to ignore.
Reality Check
How do we break free of our limitations, when those limitations have their way of imposing themselves upon us, like it or not? Can we just wish reality away?
Sun or Moon: Which One Are You?
The way we think about time informs our attitude towards the universe as a whole.
Wedding Speeches for Bo
In the First Place
An Essay on Parshat Bo
Just as there are first fruits of the soil, there are also first deeds and first dreams. Here as well, people become more sophisticated as they mature, as do their aspirations and dreams. Nevertheless, there is a special significance to one’s first dreams.
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