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Inner Stream


The Kabbalah of Anger
There is no question that during fits of temper one can take leave of his senses and do stupid, even violent, things. But how is it equivalent to idolatry, which denies the oneness of G-d?
Where was G‑d during the Holocaust?
Why was Moses told to "remove your shoes from your feet" before approaching tha hallowed ground of the Burning Bush?
Rejecting the Enemy's Narrative
Recent wars have changed the narrative; we are convinced that terror groups are indefatigable. They seem able to withstand all attacks. Confidence slowly erodes as we repeatedly ask: Can we win?
Gossip: The Innocent Evil
Our ancestors worshipped idols and on occasion beat each other physically. Yet, none of this justified their suffering to Moses. But gossip, a seemingly relatively innocent sin, was sufficient to explain it.
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