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Nitzavim-Vayelech Videos

The Sit-In
Video | 6:20
The Sit-In
Nitzavim-Vayelech Parshah Report
When Roy employs his friend Marvin to help strike the set of Parshah report in anticipation of the approaching last episode, Jono stages a sit-in. By sitting. In a box.
Torah in Ten: Nitzavim-Vayelech
We’re All the Same and Different
Growing Weekly: Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech
Solace & Sovereignty
Video | 1:09:21
Solace & Sovereignty
Torah Portion of Nitzavim-Vayelech
The joyous climax of all divine comfort—the revelation of G‑d’s sovereignty in this world.
Parsha Gems: Nitzavim-Vayelech (Rosh Hashana)
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Nitzavim-Vayelech
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
How Close Are You to Yourself?
Torah and mitzvot are never very far from a Jew. They are no farther, in fact, than his or her identity
How to Change Yourself
The right way to achieve progress
Does Judaism Seem Intimidating?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Nitzavim
Video | 1:02:59
Practical Parshah - Nitzavim
What does it really mean to repent? What feelings or actions does true repentance consist of?
Writing a Torah Scroll
Practical Parshah - Vayelech
It is a commandment incumbent on every man and woman to write a scroll of the Torah. How does a "regular Jew" fulfill this mitzvah?
Parshah Mnemonics: Nitzavim
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Nitzavim contains 40 verses and the mnemonic is the word ‘levavo’ (his heart). Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah.
Parshah Mnemonics: Vayelech
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Vayelech contains 70 verses (though really only 30) and the mnemonic is the name Adoniyah. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah.
Learning the Haftorah: Nitzavim
The weekly portion from the Prophets
United As One: Pre-Rosh Hashanah Reflections
A Taste of Text—Nitzavim
How can we truly unite with another? Only by realizing that every person has a quality that is unique that only he or she can contribute.
Rabbi Gordon - Nitzavim-Vayelech: 5th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Nitzavim-Vayelech: 7th Portion
Video | 1:13
Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Vayelech
One stick man schmoozes with another stick man on an airplane. Lives are changed. How’s that for a blurb?
Treasure Hunting
Video | 1:39
Treasure Hunting
Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Nitzavim
A group of warriors prepare for an epic quest to the end of the ocean.
Crowning G-d as King
The meaning of Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashanah is not just the start of a new calendar year; it is the renewal of G‑d’s interest in our world that comes as a result of our accepting Him as King.
9/11 in the Torah?
Video | 30:00
9/11 in the Torah?
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Nitzavim
The sages teach that the enlarged letter Lamed in Deut 29:27 "and He cast them into another land" hints to the purpose of exile. How is this connected to the fact that in the following verse, there are precisely 11 dots placed above 11 consecutive letters?
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