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Acharei Videos

Does Priesthood Imply Celibacy?
The inner principle of celibacy is self-removal from the temptations and distractions of mundane daily life for the sake of a pursuit of holiness. According to the Torah, however, the holiest of holy possibilities is to be found precisely in the most mundane aspect of existence.
A Response to Personal Suffering
Parshat Acharei Mot
When Aaron experiences the greatest pain imaginable—the death of his two sons—he was silent. What did his silence mean? And how should we react to personal suffering?
Acharei – Leaving the Cocoon
After the Yom Kippur service in the Holy Temple concluded, throngs of worshippers would accompany the High Priest back to his home for a holiday feast. Why the big celebration?
Torah in Ten: Acharei
Topics include: How two of Aaron's sons shared the same soul, which days and months are times of Divine mercy, a mystical explanation for the mitzvah of covering the blood of a slaughtered animal.
No Standing Anytime
Something Spiritual on Parshat Acharei-Mot
Why Jewish law is called halacha, which means walking or movement.
A Tale of Two Doctors
In explaining why Aaron was forbidden to enter ‘at any time’ into the inner sanctum of the Sanctuary, Rashi employs a parable concerning an ill patient and the advice he receives from two doctors. This class will reveal the deeper meaning of this unusual parable and its poignant message especially as it relates to the current ‘Omer’ period. (Likkutei Sichos, volume 7)
The Sanctity of Marriage
Practical Parshah - Acharei
In this portion that lists all of the many forbidden relationships, we examine how Torah expects us as Jews to conduct ourselves in the most private and holy aspect of our lives.
How to Give a Hand
Video | 20:00
How to Give a Hand
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Acharei
Before the scapegoat was taken into the wilderness, “Aaron the High Priest placed his hands upon its head and confessed all the sins of the Jewish People." (Leviticus 16:21) The verse is written "yado" meaning "his hand," the way we recite it, however, is "yadav," meaning "his hands."
Parshah Mnemonics: Acharei
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Acharei contains 80 verses and the mnemonic is the word 'ki kol' and 'ido'. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah and the holiday of Pesach.
The Baffling Bloody Ban
Parshah Curiosities: Acharei-Mot
This class probes beneath the skin of the Torah’s strange aversion to blood; after all if meat’s kosher, what’s so bad about the red fluid found within? A wide range of vital life sources are analyzed, and their messages are effectively decoded as the profound ideas and philosophies of this bloodless Mitzvah mandate gush forth. Most profoundly we learn to appreciate how and why blood is thicker than water when it comes to our relationship with G-d!
Spiritual Safety Warning
Video | 47:01
Spiritual Safety Warning
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the warning not to enter the Holy of Holies
Rashi presents two intriguing details on how Moses was to warn Aaron not to enter the Holy of Holies at the wrong time. The Rebbe shows us how Rashi is actually teaching a deeper lesson about how to balance high-level inspiration with practical application.
Learning the Haftorah: Acharei
The weekly portion from the Prophets
Sins that Even G-d Won’t Pardon
What is the first thing G-d will ask you in heaven?
Living With Life
Video | 1:41
Living With Life
Something Spiritual on Parshat Acharei
Beyond merely observing the mitzvahs, we must live them.
We Use Two Sets of Clothing
Something Spiritual on Parshat Acharei
Love in the Details
A beautiful story about an embarrassed woman in the supermarket teaches us how to love one another.
Blood: The Father of all Mitzvahs
The Mitzvah to Cover the Blood with Earth
Upon ritual slaughtering of fowl or undomesticated animals, we are commanded to cover the spilled blood with earth. Gain a deeper understanding of this mitzvah of Kisuy HaDam (covering the blood) on five levels.
The Kohen Gadol’s Wife
Video | 1:05:52
The Kohen Gadol’s Wife
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 17, Acharei
A magnificent forum on tractate Yoma, which teaches about the unique status of the Kohen Gadol and a powerful insight into being Jewish.
Rabbi Gordon - Acharei: 1st Portion
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Rabbi Gordon - Acharei: 6th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Acharei: 7th Portion
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