When you grow up, what will you be?
For years this has been our mentality.
You need a profession, work hard and train,
If you have a family that you need to sustain.

No work—no profit, or probably loss,
Life is expensive, necessities cost.
A break is a luxury you might not afford,
It’s this working mentality that we seem to award.

In biblical times, the “in thing” was farming,
They spent their days sowing, plowing and reaping.
Toiling arduously, all day on their feet,
Well, that’s what it takes to make ends meet.

G‑d gave us the land and He wants us to work it,
But every once in a while he tells us to “quit it!”
“For six years you shall work,” in the land you invest,
But come the seventh year, Shemittah, now sit back and rest.

It’s a nationwide break for man, woman, child,
Put down your tools, let the fields grow wild.
All produce is free—no buying, no sale,
It’s Shabbat on a yearly scale.

Just imagine the many doubts and fears,
If you shut down your business for an entire year.
Not doing anything to guarantee your survival,
That’s sitting back and watching your field lie idle.

What will we eat in this coming year?
Who will sustain us? The answer is clear.
Shemittah expresses our faith deep inside,
We put our trust in Hashem, knowing He will provide.

It’s our chance to step back and let G‑d run the show,
Relinquish our hold on life, just let go!
Don’t worry too much about the possible loss,
Relax for a moment and remember Who’s boss!

G‑d gave the earth the power to grow,
He can make it bring produce, whether or not we sow.
Work hard, invest effort, but never forget,
It’s in G‑d’s hands, not yours, if you’ll see benefit

G‑d blesses the earth on a constant routine,
For six years this blessing is through nature’s means.
Comes the year of Shemittah, G‑d opens our eyes,
The earth bears on its own, without the “work” disguise.