In Parshat Bechukotai, we read about the promises that G‑d gives us if we keep the Torah and do the mitzvot:

rain will come when we need it to make the crops grow

there will be enough food and everybody will eat until they are satisfied

we will have peace and security in the land

no wild beasts or armies will pass through the land

we will be successful in our battles and victorious over armies much larger than ours

and G‑d will be with us.

But, then the Torah tells us that if the people don't keep the commandments, and forget about their agreement with G‑d, then many unfortunate things will happen. But even if G‑d is angry at the Jews and must punish them, he will never forget or abandon them.

The last thing we learn in the Parshah is how to calculate the value of different types of gifts that people promise to G‑d.