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Striking Gold

Words of Torah at the Conference of Shluchim 5772

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Striking Gold: Words of Torah at the Conference of Shluchim 5772

An excerpt from a talk by Rabbi Mendel Cohen, director of Chabad of Sacramento, at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries (11/27/2011).
International Conference of Emissaries, Chabad-Lubavitch

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Raquel watson Basking Ridge, NJ via chabadcentral.org December 3, 2011

What this story teaches me Verify before you amplify so you can become sanctified.

The wisdom of Mendel's wife's action was that she got a second opinion. Can you imagine if they had bet the farm on only one opinion.

Thank You! Reply

Robin Cole Elk Grove, CA via sacjewishlife.org December 2, 2011

thank you for posting this Rabbi It shone light into my home this morning listening to your words Reply

yafa cappon Sacramento, CA November 30, 2011

Gold Thank you, Rabbi Mendy. That you continue to be a Chassid, who doesn't crack, despite the issues and events that befall the community. You continue to shine your light and inspire in spite of the darkness. May Hashem give you the strength and courage to keep going! Reply

Gershon Freedman, MD Yavneel, Israel November 30, 2011

Sacramento Gold You, Rabbi Mendy, did find gold! In the chevra of those people down there digging. You continue to find gold wherever you search.

After two years leaving your community I still carry that gold you found in me.

Please continue your wonderful work. You find gold where everyone else has all but stopped looking. Reply